We launched our Daring Faith project in 2016 as a response to God’s calling on us to create space for passing on faith to the next generation. The church rallied to grow in faith, sow in faith and go in faith – some going even to the furthest corners of the world! Many of us said yes to God’s invitation to take steps of daring faith in our personal and professional lives.
Our congregation rallied to sow in faith as well, raising enough funds to get started on Phase 1 of upgrading our campus. For years we have been wrestling with the good problem of impacted spaces, maxing out the spaces we have to minister to our kids, students, Celebrate Recover and other ministry groups on campus.
If you haven’t said yes to Daring Faith yet, we’d love to have on along for the ride. Click below to get involved.



Includes a new playground space, updated bathrooms for our kids and preschoolers, a new multipurpose building, new/enlarged covered patio area, expanded parking, new worship center bathrooms, multiple infrastructure improvements. A flood in September 2017 added four classrooms to the scope of Phase 1. We also launched our HB campus in 2015, where we were able to form relationships for lasting impact in the city of Huntington Beach. The merge back with Fountain Valley in October of 2018 will allow us to continue resourcing those ministry opportunities well.
Daring Faith has been more than a construction project – it has been a chance for us as families and individuals to seek God’s big plans for us, as well as for us corporately as a church to invest in something bigger than anyone of us.


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